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Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf (Deluxe Edition)


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  • Includes 20 Piece children's puzzle
  • Paperdoll set
  • Sticker Sheet

Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf is a story about overcoming hurdles to learn something new, even when it's challenging.

In addition to the story, Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf also contains special features.

  • Find the Cat and Mouse

Annie's cat and mouse friends are hiding on every page. Can you spot them?

  • Learn to Knit

A knitting instruction section in the back of the book will assist your child in learning the basics.


About the Author:

Alana Dakos is a mother of two and a hopelessly obsessed knitter. She produces a unique line of knitting patterns under the name of "Never Not Knitting" and is the co-author of the 2011 hit Coastal Knits. As a former knitting instructor, Alana has enjoyed teaching countless children to knit as well as her own six-year-old daughter, who helped her with this story. Check out Alana's pattern line, blog, and knitting podcast at


About the Illustrator:

Neesha Hudson is a freelance illustrator living with her husband in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally from Maine, she studied at Ringling College of Art and Design, focusing on children's book illustration. She now spends her days caring for her beautiful baby girl and drawing everything from knitting needles to nursery art. Find more of Neesha's illustration work at