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Needle Threaders

Thread your needles with ease with this stainless steel needle threader! Threaders sometimes get a bad rap because we've all broken those flimsy wire ones after a single use, but solid body threaders are regarded as the best, and these are not only functional but add a bit of beauty to your toolkit, too!  These threaders are extremely high quality, completely smooth, durable and made in Canada.

Dimensions: Approximately 1" x 1.7"


No 9 Needles and larger: Classic size. For fine and medium weight threads (i.e) 6 -stranded floss, flocke, perle cotton, crewel wool)

No 12 Needles and larger: Micro size. For fine threads (i.e.6-stranded floss, flocke, fine perle cotton, silk thread, beading floss)